The Nairobi Jockey Club

As the jockeys come and go from the weighing scale to the changing room, thoroughbred horses parade under the benevolent eyes of their breeders and trainers. Diligent betters evaluate the odds carefully while Nairobi’s Sunday onlookers have their first bets made in a thrill.

Although you could find all what Nairobi has created regarding social classes in the only perimeter of the Ngong Race Course - located between a slum and the fancy Karen neighbourhood - to pretend these various characters mix would be overrated. Expats and elites, middle classes and the lower ones, they each play their roles without necessarily interacting. To limit this story to the unique black and white disparity would not only be false but also would exclude the Indian community and dismiss the more crucial economical issues.

The “sport of the kings”, a pure heritage from the British Empire, endures in the limits of entertainment, in the last sparks of colonial traditions in East Africa.

By Julie David de Lossy & Colin Delfosse